Why use managed services?

Computers and networks are everywhere now and are so thoroughly ingrained in our lives and businesses that it can take some serious thought about how to live or work without them. Companies, big and small, rely on technology to operate efficiently and effectively. Additionally, technology is changing so quickly there appears to be a constant stream of security patches, upgrades and new features to deal with. Small businesses in particular often have limited IT resources. Whether they have dedicated IT staff or a go-to "IT person" it can be difficult to keep up with the daily issues, maintenance and ensuring backups are functioning, let alone all of the new technologies that can help the business succeed. This increases the chances of technology related outages that could seriously impact your business. Having an effective managed service provider with trained, dedicated IT professionals can be much more cost-effective, reliable and efficient than internal IT staff.


  • To provide stability, efficiency and security to small and medium businesses in the greater Kalamazoo area through effective management, design, implementation and service of IT environments.

Our approach to managed services

NobleNetworks uses managed services to take a proactive approach to managing your technology infrastructure. Contrary to the old 'break-fix' approach, which had the inevitable down-side that something must go wrong before any service was performed, managed services constantly monitor and proactively maintain systems to significantly reduce the down-time of having a 'break' to 'fix'. A properly maintained 'Noble' network will always function better than the alternative. Proactive monitoring, optimization and maintenance will significantly help prevent outages and reduce the risks and uncertainty that no business can afford.

The costs associated with managed services are generally less than the outdated 'break-fix' approach, especially when reduced productivity and lost revenue due to IT problems are included. Remote assistance helps this even further by reducing the time it takes to address service requests. This, combined with historical behavior captured by our monitoring and ticket systems, also reduces the time it takes to resolve a service request. The result is a more stable, secure and effective IT environment that allows all of us to sleep better at night knowing that your systems are in good hands and that your business can focus on your business.