Molly Lacy RN BS CMPE - Practice Administrator - OB-GYN, P.C.

Noble Networks has allowed our business to stay on top of IT changes while keeping costs down, their support is exceptional.

We started a partnership with Chris at Noble Networks about a year ago. We were changing our electronic health record (EHR) vendor, with that change the amount of IT support was changing also. We began working with one company and found the technicians did not communicate well with each other. Each time a new person came on site they spent several hours trying to figure out what the last person did and they all had a different plan to accomplish our goals. With Noble Networks, Chris met with us and listened to our goals. He set out a plan of action; everyone in his organization has access to our plan. When someone different is on site, they have an idea of our set up and what needs to be done. We do not spend time telling them what needs to be done, they already know. He has done a great job balancing our long term goals with our budget.

Chris works with all of our software and hardware vendors to ensure our plans align with our equipment. In the past year we changed our EHR vendor, migrated our old data to an archival database, implemented a patient portal, and a patient check in kiosk. We could not have accomplished these without Chris at Noble Networks. He has come up with excellent and creative solutions to problems we have encountered with every step toward progress.

Molly Lacy RN BS CMPE
Practice Administrator - OB-GYN, P.C.