Why Regular Backups are an Important Part of Our Managed Services

Managed Services

Every network administrator knows that regular backups are essential to running a server. But, when it comes to your employees’ personal computers, maintaining backups is just as important. While your business’ server may host its databases, web sites and client information, your employees’ personal computers may store information that is critical to their duties: documents, e-mail contacts, photographs and more. While ensuring that these items are stored on a backed up server is the best option, sometimes it is not practical or possible to do. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few common occurrences that will make you happy that regular backup management is included in all of Noble Networks’ managed services plans.

Viruses and malware

If you manage a large number of employees, you – or your IT provider – has likely already resolved a number of situations relating to viruses. With the prevalence of malware on the Internet, data loss is a very real – and very dangerous – problem.  If your important documents are backed up, ransomware –  such as CryptoLocker – loses a lot of its bite since you can simply restore your documents from before you were locked out of them.

Equipment failure

Your computer’s hard drive has a limited lifespan. If you’ve noticed your computer slowing down, freezing or – worse yet – making strange noises, it’s very likely that your hard drive is on its way out. When an inevitable failure happens, having maintained a backup schedule can help you prevent total, catastrophic data loss.

Accidents and mistakes

At some point everyone loses a file, deletes something by mistake or makes major changes that they wish they could take back. Backups work as a “point in time” safety net, making it simple to recover your information by going back to the time when you knew where that file was or before you made that unwanted change.

At Noble Networks, all of our managed services plans include backup monitoring and maintenance. We understand that our clients require continuity. They need to be able to depend upon their data to persist from one day to the next, from one crash to the next and from one failure to the next… no matter what happens. We know that only our clients know what data needs to be backed up and we help them find a solution that works for them based on the amount of data, storage location, frequency of change and criticality. Then we ensure protection by monitoring and managing it as part of our managed services. So, if you’ve been looking for a provider of IT services that will work with you to understand – and address – your needs, contact us today to discuss how we can help.