Public Email Systems, Your Business, and the Security of Your Communications

Managed Services

If you’re like most people, you have used – or are currently using – a public email system. The portability and cross-platform compatibility of services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail make them extremely convenient to use in the office, in the home, and on the go. Designed primarily for personal use, these services are occasionally used by businesses, as well. While these free accounts can be used for such purposes, they aren’t generally recommended, as they lack the robustness and security offered by more reliable, business class solutions.

As public email systems often host countless emails on large server farms, providing proper security is a difficult, expensive task. While many systems do make good faith efforts to provide decent security, it often still fails to meet the level required by businesses and organizations. In today’s post, we’re going to look at why you should avoid public email systems and, instead, implement a secure, business class email solution that provides the security and reliability that your business needs.

High value targets

To hackers, free email services are high value targets. With access to your account, hackers can scour your past emails to dig up credit card numbers, bank accounts, and other damaging information. While strong, changing passwords are a solid defense, it’s best to set up multi-factor authentication to ensure that simply having your password isn’t enough.

Public email is… public

It’s best to think of emails exchanged from public email systems as conversations in a restaurant. You may be speaking to people at your table but there is a good chance that someone at another table is also hearing your conversation. With public email systems, there’s simply no way to know if your emails are private or if they are being shared, eavesdropped upon, or distributed.

Compliance issues

Many businesses have strict compliances that they must abide by. In many cases, simply having emails sitting on public email servers can be enough to break that compliance. If this is a concern for your business, be sure to discuss a dedicated, secure server with your managed services provider.

At NobleNetworks, we are committed to helping our clients operate more efficiently and, in the case of their email, more securely. If you’ve been looking for a managed services provider that will work with you to ensure that your business’ data is safe, contact us today to discuss how we can help.