The KRACK Vulnerability is a Reminder of Why Managed Services and Regular Updates are Important


As the leading provider of managed services in Kalamazoo, NobleNetworks is committed to keeping our clients’ networks and data secure. Recently, a vulnerability known as “KRACK” delivered a powerful reminder: it is essential to regularly update your company’s computer systems. Since 2006, WPA2 has been the industry standard when it comes to Wi-Fi connections. Far more secure than WEP or WPA, WPA2 utilizes mandatory AES algorithms and CCMP. For many years, the security of WPA2 was touted as “unhackable.” That was, until recently…

A flaw in WPA2 allowed for the possibility of manipulated – and even injected – data. Functionally, this would allow hackers to steal users’ passwords, pilfer their data, and even modify outgoing commands. While this flaw – dubbed “KRACK” – required hackers to be within range of their target’s Wi-Fi networks, the ubiquity of WPA2 meant that targets were abundant: nearly every commercial computer system in the country.

To their credit, Microsoft was quick to release a patch that addressed the exploit. But, this brings us to the moral of the story: regular updates are a critical part of the health of your networks. It is essential that your managed services provider be aware of active exploits, know how to remediate them, and – most importantly – take the steps necessary to prevent them from being issues in the first place. If you aren’t regularly updating your systems, you’re gambling on the integrity of your data, the security of your customers’ information, and the future of your business.

At NobleNetworks, our managed services plans ensure that your networks, computer systems, and other devices are protected from dangerous exploits. Performing frequent updates and backup monitoring, you can be confident that your data is secure. If you’re concerned about your business’ networks, data, and devices, contact us today to discuss how we can ease your mind.