Managing Your Email, Part Three: When to Unsubscribe, When to Use Junk E-Mail Filters and When to Contact Your IT Support Staff

IT Support

In the first two installments of this series, we discussed how to identify dangerous e-mails and went on to define “spam e-mail.” In this, the third installment, we will discuss the different options available to you when dealing with unwanted e-mails. As we’ve talked about before, there are various types of unwanted emails: from unsolicited advertisements to dangerous phishing scams. When dealing with these e-mails in your inbox, it’s important to correctly identify which type you are dealing with so that you can respond accordingly.


The first step to consider, if the option is available, is unsubscribing. Because of the law, most advertising e-mails sent from US-based businesses will include a link at the bottom allowing you to unsubscribe. If you know and trust the business but have no desire to continue receiving e-mail notifications from them, the unsubscribe feature is your best option.

Junk E-Mail Filters

If the unsubscribe option is unavailable or nonfunctional, it’s time to utilize your e-mail program’s built-in junk e-mail filters. By adding a name – or domain – to your Blocked Senders List, you can prevent junk e-mails from accumulating in – and cluttering up – your inbox. For more information on expanding your Blocked Senders List, visit the Office Support page, here. It should be noted, however, that you should never block senders who work for companies that you do business with as this will block their ads but will also likely prevent you from receiving important receipts, order tracking and itineraries.

Contacting IT Support Staff

If senders are repeatedly bypassing your Blocked Senders List or, worse, you suspect that you’ve fallen prey to a phishing scam, it is time to contact your IT support staff. Your support technician can help you change your passwords, adjust your junk e-mail settings and repair any damage that may have been done by the scammers.

At NobleNetworks, we offer the area’s most comprehensive IT support services, including services aimed at the prevention and remediation of e-mail phishing scams. If your workplace is inundated with unwanted – or dangerous – emails, we encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss how we can help.