Advice on USB Drives from the Premier Computer Service in Kalamazoo, NobleNetworks

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As the premier computer service in Kalamazoo, NobleNetworks knows that USB drives are everywhere. They’re used to move files from one department to another, to back up important documents, to transfer work from your office computer to your home computer, and in a massive number of other ways. Businesses across the city – and the world – rely on them as a cheap, fast, and easy way to store, transfer, and back up their essential files. What most people don’t know, however, is that – for a whole host of reasons – it is extremely important to secure their USB drives. In today’s post, we’re going to look at why USB security is important, how to implement it, and who should consider it.

Why securing your USB drive is important

If you store sensitive information on your USB drive, you risk giving unauthorized people access to that information. Would you want to leave your tax return sitting on a table at Starbucks? Or forget your Social Security information on a display at the grocery store? Securing your USB drive helps to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the information stored on your drive.

How to secure your USB drive

The best way to protect the information on your drive is to encrypt it. If you use a Windows computer, Microsoft BitLocker-To-Go is a great way to keep people from accessing the data stored on your USB drive. Some drives, such as Kingston and Sandisk, also come with built-in encryption hardware or software that provides security for users on both Windows and Mac computers.

Who should be concerned about USB security?

If you use USB drives to store personal, business, or confidential information, you should be concerned about security. The short answer is: if you wouldn’t want a stranger to see the information on it, you should encrypt your USB drive. In fact, if the drive you are using has ever contained sensitive information, it should be secured, as deleted files can often be recovered.

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